This project is funded by the European Union.


Participation To External Events

  • Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting 2016 and 2018 : DiCoMo and its relevant outcomes have been presented (O. Schmidt and S. Steudel)
  • Kolloquium at Bergische Universität Wuppertal IfP, “Are organic and hybrid photodetector ready for commercial products?”, 29.06.2017, Wuppertal, INVITED SPEAKER (S.F. Tedde)
  • IEEE NSS-MIC Conference, Workshop on Organic Detectors and Materials, “Organic and hybrid photodetectors: Status quo and future perspectives” 22.10.2017, Atlanta USA, INVITED TALK (S.F. Tedde)
    For sure a highlight in terms of dissemination activity since all three EU founded projects dealing with X-Ray detection and organic semiconductors (LORIX, iFLEXIS and DiCoMo) where attending and openly discussed their outcomes and potential synergies.
  • IMEC Colloquium, Visionary Seminar “Flexible Electronics” , “X-Ray image sensors with organic and hybrid materials”, 22.02.2018, Leuven, INVITED SPEAKER (S.F. Tedde)

Other dissemination activities

Sardinian Post-Article about Sandro Tedde

Final Publishable Summary


Funded by EU

Call: H2020-ICT-2014-1
Acronym: DiCoMo
Grant Agreement Number: 643920
Duration: 36 months
Start Date: 2015-01-01
EU Contribution: €3,277,034.75

Here you can download the Publishable Summary of DiCoMo

Final Publishable Summary



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This project is funded by the European Union.


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